Accurate, Useable BOMs

Case Study

A company realized the Bill of Materials (BOM) for its MRO items was confusing and often incorrect. Different words described the same function, and the people who identified the parts sometimes had to guess the part name and function (and often guessed wrong). Spares were not found quickly (if at all). Poorly made BOMs sabotaged effective decision making for capital spares.

Our solution:
Net Results Group built BOMs quickly and accurately using its MRO3i™ tool and the “Where Used” exercise of walking down the company’s storeroom, itemizing spare parts and assigning them to an asset hierarchy constructed specifically for the company. During this process, the company did NOT need to stop production, and the MRO3i tool captured each part’s information with absolute certainty regarding its technical attributes. Without shutting down production, between 75-85% of each equipment’s total parts were itemized. A short shut-down allowed the remaining 15-25% to be captured – an exercise that can typically be completed during a regularly scheduled preventative maintenance (PM) outage.

There was no guessing by the person identifying the parts about each part’s attribute – each attribute’s data descriptions were made standard and consistent. The tool instantly recognized and assigned the part number to all associated assets. With MRO3i, building a BOM was efficient, user-friendly, and unquestionably accurate. The “Where Used” exercise ensured PM outages were even briefer due to the highly accurate input obtained from the MRO3i tool. Return on investment was realized by parts being issued accurately and found quickly in the storerooms during every future PM.

January 10, 2020