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Results That Slash Your MRO Costs

Quantifiable Value; Results-Driven Outcomes

Although 87% of industrial company leaders recognize the potential for cost savings with enhanced MRO inventory strategies, many are uncertain how to achieve it. Net Results Group’s services and MDM cloud-based solutions provide the core capabilities to house and manage MRO master data, supporting complete workflow management and delivering strategic benefits that are both tangible and financial. To attain quantifiable results, we apply proven master data management strategies, from data scrubbing to data governance consulting and beyond. Our experts deliver practical solutions for proactive cost reduction and containment.
We can also evaluate the condition of MRO spare parts in preparation for sale, redistribution to other facilities, or retirement/write-off. Inventory management services incorporate strategies that ensure the recorded value of MRO materials inventory accurately reflects true value in the marketplace, including hidden costs such as storage, logistics, packaging and other variables.

Hard-dollar Benefits

Immediately Improve MRO Buying Power and Inventory Levels

Gain insight from consistent and standardized MRO data to leverage MRO buying power with vendors and reduce costly inventory levels with no impact to operational performance.

Track Parts for Consistency and Reliability

When vendors retire or replace parts, audit and track old and new items to compare reliability, shelf life, operating challenges, and other variables that impact future part selection.

Reduce Business Disruptions

Today’s environment relies on strict enforcement of social distancing and the health and welfare of employees. Net Results Group’s advanced MDM cloud-based application and materials database, MRO3iTM, supports and facilitates your MRO business functions while preserving for your employees these health protocols.

Boost Inventory Bottom Line with no impact to critical operational performance

 Identify obsolete items for potential investment recovery or transfer to other facilities where they have useful life. Avoid negative internal audit points and SOX control issues where market value of MRO materials is below book value or not removing items from inventory rendered unusable.

Achieve Mission-Critical Compliance

Disposing of excess materials and/or parts can violate environmental, regulatory and other compliance mandates. Our expert advice maximizes recovery and/or sale value while conferring peace of mind.

Rely On Net Results Group

With 69% of maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) SKUs never used, and maintenance techs spending 25% of their time just looking for parts, improving financial and operational results through MRO materials management can be a significant undertaking for any firm. Sufficient insight into MRO parts and materials improves outcomes, but MRO lifecycle management is often too complicated and time-consuming to handle in house.

This is why our clients rely on the expertise of Net Results Group without a workplace reduction.

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