Make Sense of Your MRO Investments Through Intelligent Use of MRO Master Data

Net Results Group helps asset-intensive organizations save dollars and make intelligent use of MRO master data to reduce unnecessary operational costs, increase uptime and productivity, improve service levels, avoid risky audit points, and sharpen their purchasing strategies.

Our professional services and powerful MRO3i™ cloud-based suite is the key to effectively identifying underutilized and excess MRO investments.

Once MRO master data has been classified, cleansed, standardized, enriched and validated, our MRO3i data governance processes ensure that the quality of your data remains sustainable over time, and in support of any ERP/EAM or CMMS system.

Net Results Group is dedicated to ensuring your organization:

  • Eliminates Unnecessary Procurement and Capital Expenditures
  • Improves Asset Performance and Productivity
  • Streamlines MRO Inventory Holdings
  • Maximizes Financial Recovery of Dispositioned MRO Inventory
  • Supports Regulatory Accounting Compliance

Sharpen Your MRO Decisions to Improve Your Bottom Line

Our professional services employ a multifaceted, detailed approach to taking control of your MRO investments. This includes remote and/or field data services.

ASSESSMENTS are the ideal way to build an MRO master data improvement strategy and determine costs, timeline and ROI. We recommend initial workshop and assessments prior to moving forward with scope of professional services desired. Learn More >

DATA CLEANSING delivers exceptional data quality and enrichment services for MRO Materials, Asset/Equipment and BOM Master Data. Learn More >

WALK DOWNS provide gathering and validation for MRO Materials and Assets. This could include both new and/or existing Materials, Equipment or Assets. Learn More >

BILLS OF MATERIALS professional services deliver accurate associations of parts to assets, determinations with MRO inventory provisioning and opportunities to replace higher cost OEM parts with generic equivalents. Learn More >

ASSET HIERARCHY DEVELOPMENT assures that all hierarchy levels appropriate to each company are defined and captured for visibility and reference. Learn More >

DATA GOVERNANCE includes either recommendations for ongoing governance using existing host system or a subscription to the MRO3i modules in scope as connected with appropriate host system. Learn More >

Upon completion with our data services, the resulting data files can be loaded back into the appropriate ERP/EAM or CMMS host system, or MRO3i can be utilized as an extension of the host system for on-going data governance. MRO3i provides capabilities and ‘ease of use’ that are not typically available in baseline host systems.

Learn More About Our Powerful MRO3i™ Cloud-Based Technology Suite

Our Clients See Real Results

Net Results Group’s advanced MRO technology and professional services standardize and optimize MRO master data to reduce costs, enhance operational performance and improve service levels.

Our clients have achieved:

  • 15-50% reductions in inventory holdings

  • 20-35% decreases in replenishment costs

  • 30-50% reductions in stock-out risk

  • 15-40% savings within maintenance budgets

  • 400% ROI

Net Results Group’s professional services and technology provide the visibility with MRO master data to make informed decisions regarding MRO inventory/asset provisioning, usability and disposition.

Take an Honest Look at Your MRO Master Data

Which of your current MRO inventory is truly critical to have on hand, and what do you do with unneeded inventory? On average, 67% of MRO inventory is not used during 3-year period.

Where are your current MRO parts being used and are they currently linked to the appropriate equipment/assets? In some cases, as much as 52% of MRO materials/parts become obsolete before they are ever used.

Are you planning an expansion and have new MRO materials, parts, assets and equipment that need to be identified and updated into appropriate host system(s)? In many cases lower cost generic parts can be provisioned instead of higher cost OEM parts.

Net Results Group’s professional services and technology provide the visibility with MRO master data to make informed decisions regarding MRO inventory/asset provisioning, usability and disposition.

What people who have worked with us have to say

“Our indirect item master had many issues. Bad data quality caused us to lose productivity and experience higher inventory values. Net Results Groups solutions helped us get back on the right track with better standards and methods for cleansing data, and they created a more efficient process to ensure we maintain the quality of our MRO data using their MRO3i tool for ongoing data governance. MRO3i is intuitive and easy to use.”

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