Success Stories

New Build/Initial Provisioning

A growing company evaluated bids for new capital equipment as part of a planned expansion. To make an informed decision, the company needed help understanding the capital spares requirement for each bid. Our solution: Net Results Group used…

Accurate, Useable BOMs

A company realized the Bill of Materials (BOM) for its MRO items was confusing and often incorrect. Different words described the same function, and the people who identified the parts sometimes had to guess the part name and function (and often…

Regain Control and Compliance

A company recognized its abundance of MRO spares in the storerooms, unidentifiable parts and even obsolete MRO stock. The maintenance department had difficulty managing the tens of thousands of its SKUs. The operations department questioned…


Need Optimization With EAM/CMMS/ ERP Asset and Equipment Data? Here’s How You Can

The selection and subsequent deployment of an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is an often monumental decision for most manufacturing entities and the adoption can be both business-changing and business-interrupting if not well planned.

Manufacturing Company’s ROI on BOM Project Estimated at 115%

A food manufacturer was struggling to identify which MRO parts/materials in their storerooms were associated to their equipment/assets within their plants, which consisted of five manufacturing buildings on one campus. The company engaged Net Results Group to create and facilitate a planning session with the company’s key project stakeholders.

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