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Do You Have Complete Visibility Into Your MRO Master Data And Processes?

Our subject matter experts and professional services provide clear visibility into your MRO master data.

Get to the Root of Your MRO Master Data Challenges

Our multi-faceted services thoroughly assess your organization’s needs.
Net Results Group provides full turn-key professional services, or a combination of services and technology, customized to support your unique workflow and processes. We’re one of the only providers that offers skilled MRO subject matter experts to perform both remote data services and field services (walkdowns) for data collection that requires physical review.


Our Goal: help you develop better data-driven MRO processes

Result: reduced inventory costs, reduced annual spend, and improved productivity.

How We Do It:

Net Results Group can perform a complete analysis of your MRO master data and processes to determine the root cause of any issues and develop a customized, effective, and efficient implementation plan.

Our services include MRO Material Master, MRO Inventory, Asset/Equipment Master, and Bill of Materials Master Data.

Data Standardization, Cleansing And Enrichment

Our Goal: Ensure that your MRO materials and parts data is standardized, cleansed, and enriched to the highest quality standards.

The Result: Enhanced data governance, improved decision-making, and optimized MRO operations.

How We Do It:

We tackle bad data head-on to prevent costly delays and downtime. Utilizing our MRO3i™ tool and database, we provide comprehensive data standardization, cleansing, and enrichment services. Our systematic approach identifies inconsistencies and fills missing attributes, ensuring enriched data quality. Plus, our solutions seamlessly integrate with any EAM, CMMS or ERP systems like JD Edwards, SAP, Oracle, and Maximo, meeting your specific needs effortlessly.

Walk Downs

Our Goal: To provide an effective solution for identifying and validating MRO parts, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

The Result: Experience streamlined MRO processes, reduced audit risks, and improved inventory management with our proven processes and the MRO3i cloud-based tablet tool.

Where We Come In:

Identifying and validating MRO parts is crucial for accuracy and efficiency in storeroom management. Walk downs, often necessary for physical identification, ensure precise item descriptions, system accuracy, and compliance with inventory regulations.

Our Walkdown Services Include:

  • “Black stock” walk downs or “crib crawls” where we physically walk through storerooms and catalogue MRO materials/parts
  • Data collection and validation of both MRO materials/parts and assets/equipment
  • “Return to stores” programs for companies with excess inventory that needs to be returned. (We handle this strategically for clients.)
  • Identification of potential duplicates, both within one storeroom and at different locations


Bills Of Materials (BOMs)

BOMs provide critical information to ensure maintenance is getting the right part for that specific asset, which improves uptime and maintenance productivity. We provide BOM guidance both as a professional service and through our MRO3i technology suite. Our MRO3i tool is an effective method for creating BOMs to associate parts to assets. MRO3i provides various options for accomplishing this, either through the “where used” methodology, or by evaluating equipment and assets at their location and identifying the parts it uses from that perspective.

Asset Hierarchy Development

Our Goal:

To provide a successful and effective asset hierarchy development process, meeting organizational requirements and enhancing reliability.

The Result:

Experience streamlined asset management, accurate association of parts with assets, and potential inventory savings through the application of NRG team expertise and MRO3i technology.

How We Do It:

Net Results Group utilizes the MRO3i technology and expert knowledge to ensure a successful asset hierarchy development process tailored to your organization’s needs. This includes standardized taxonomy, establishment of equipment classes and types, role-specific access controls, and equipment numbering systems.

Data Governance

Our Goal:

To sustain data quality post-project completion, minimizing future interventions and enhancing overall efficiency.

The Result:

Clients experience consistently high data quality, reducing the need for repeated cleansing and enrichment efforts. Through tailored Data Governance Options, we ensure sustained quality for cleansed MRO data, optimizing long-term data management.

How We Do It:

At Net Results Group, we prioritize sustained data quality to prevent recurrent cleansing efforts. Following each Data Services Project, we meticulously review, evaluate, and execute Data Governance Options tailored to each customer’s preferences and specifications.

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