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The Complementary Nature of CMMS and MDM

The Complementary Nature of CMMS and MDM

Those in the maintenance space are aware of computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) and master data management (MDM). However, for many, they are two separate silos, meaning that those who are using them as such are missing opportunities to extract maximum value from both. How do you get more out of CMMS and MDM? By having each complement the other.

Systems like Net Results Group’s MRO3i offer companies the benefits of gathering intelligence about their business, gaining insight into better business operations, and helping them make decisions that will impact their business. Most importantly, the system’s Data Governance Module can interface with any CMMS or ERP/EAM host system, helping the two systems complement each other by sharing data.

How does this help? Well, the MRO3i system can do many things. It offers a Data Dictionary Module that supports the standardization of MRO material master data. Meanwhile, the MRO Material Master Data Module manages the dictionary, material master records, and manufacturer information. It can also capture storeroom information through the MRO Inventory Module. Meanwhile, the Equipment/Asset Module captures asset hierarchies with in-depth asset information, blueprints, P&IDs, and warranty information.

Other modules include the Bill of Material Module that enables the association of parts to equipment and location. The Walkdown Tablet Module enables the identification of MRO material items, description enrichment, association to stocking locations, condition status, handling and storage practices, and disposition tagging. It also supports equipment/asset walk-downs for physical data collection/validation. Finally, the Vendor Module captures critical supplier/vendor information connected to the MRO Material Master record.

As the MDM is doing the things above, the CMMS system, such as Azzier from Tero Consulting, automates maintenance management processes. Azzier offers a set of modules which includes a Predictive Maintenance Module, that Benchmarks real-time or manual asset measurements against configurable thresholds. These trigger work order generation as well as email notifications that drives action on out-of-tolerance readings. A Preventive Maintenance Module can produce or suppress PM schedules based on triggers or by time, meter readings, usage, or seasonal activities. Nested PMs consolidate multiple procedures on a single work order. The Procedure Module, in turn, defines all tasks, labor, materials, services, and tools to complete a job. Maintenance people can then create job plans and add them to work orders, maintenance schedules, and a procedure library.

The Azzier Work Request module permits employees to enter requested work into the system and, monitor status, and progress through to completion of the work.

Azzier will track all data related to assets and asset classes through the Equipment (Asset) Module. Time logged against Work Orders is tracked, whether it is staff labor or outside contractor labor. Both vendor activities and aggregate employee time for multiple work orders can be tracked as a project in the Project Management Module. Time can be logged against a Work Order automatically via a stopwatch job timer, or manually input through the Timecard Module. Other workflows include comprehensive Inspections via mobile application, powerful analytics with a Power Bi Connector as well as Purchasing, Receiving and Requisitions for spares and consumables.

By creating a two-way data integration between MDM and CMMS, you gain comprehensive insights into your maintenance activities, empowering informed decision-making for optimal company performance. When data is shared and synchronized between these related systems, the synergy minimizes downtime and enhances revenue generation.

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