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Net Results Group is Celebrating 25 Years of Successful Results for our Clients

Net Results Group is Celebrating 25 Years of Successful Results for our Clients

As Managing Partner and CEO of Net Results Group, I  am thrilled to be celebrating the company’s 25th anniversary along with all of our team members. Net Results Group continues to be the leader in master data management with a focus on MRO materials and assets. I invite you to read about our technology suite and our services at

For 25 years, NRG has taken pride in making its client interactions lasting ones. Every client and prospect interaction, every discussion with our partners, every product we roll-out, and every activity our NRG employees perform on a daily basis is conducted today in the same fashion it was in 1996 — with pride and dedication.

We create lasting relationships because we employ a strategic approach with our services to ensure clients receive the sustainable, ongoing benefits they and their stakeholders envision.  This success stems from the holistic view and approach — known as “MRO Lifecycle ManagementTM” — that we take with all our projects.

Applying the masteries of MRO Lifecycle Management empowers our clients toward a more effective, efficient approach concerning their MRO matters, enabling them to realize hard-dollar savings for their corporations.

Twenty-five years as the transformational services and technology products leader serving the MRO projects and master data governance needs of our clients has brought them demonstrable, significant positive impact on their net incomes. All of this is directly traceable to results achieved through these projects.

Not all aspects of our MRO Lifecycle Management techniques are needed for every client. It greatly depends upon their operational processes and understanding of the root causes impacting their ability to effectively tackle MRO matters. Most importantly, MRO Lifecycle Management involves a process that is required to move toward a more strategic approach to MRO within an organization.

Standardizing and governing master data in MRO is the foundation of that strategic approach. Without these activities:

  • Best practices cannot be fully implemented.
  • Identification of required MRO parts for all of a firm’s assets and right-sizing of inventory quantities cannot be fully achieved.
  • Informed decision making about purchases and leveraging of vendor purchase programs will not be successful.
  • Improvement of operational efficiencies, machine uptime and accurate work order parts requirements cannot be accomplished.
  • Reduction of purchase order errors, three-way matching of errors for invoice payments, and ordering of correct MRO items will be impractical, if not possible.

These are just a few operational examples of how outcomes can be improved with this first major step in the MRO Lifecycle Management process.

We encourage you to talk with us at Net Results Group to learn more about how we have delivered successful results for our clients over the past 25 years. And how, throughout our 25-year history, how we have always moved forward as the leader in deploying newer technology and stronger processes that benefit all of our clients.