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Net Results Group Delivers MRO3i for IBM MAXIMO

Net Results Group Delivers MRO3i for IBM MAXIMO

Industry-leading strategic MRO Solutions Combine to Power the
Industrial Supply Chain

Louisville, KY – April 22nd, 2024 – Net Results Group, a leading provider of data management solutions, announces the release of MRO3i for IBM Maximo, a ground-breaking solution designed to transform MRO inventory management and drive efficiency across asset-intensive industries.

“Net Results Group has always delivered high-quality solutions that meet the needs of asset-intensive organizations,” commented Lance Gilbert, Managing Partner of Net Results Group. “MRO3i for IBM Maximo takes this one step further, keeping us at the forefront of MRO technological advancement while fulfilling the master data management needs of a robust EAM install base. This represents a significant leap forward in efficiently managing our Maximo clients’ business requirements and facilitating informed, timely decisions.”

“The release of MRO3i for IBM Maximo aligns perfectly with our vision to empower industrial collaboration,” added Jennifer Beushausen, Director of Business Development at Net Results Group. “We have the technology and expertise to address the challenges facing capital asset-intensive industries and connect all participants in the industrial value chain. IBM Maximo’s proven ability to extend asset life and decrease operating costs makes it an ideal platform for our MRO3i solution, providing a missing link in many clients’ MRO platforms.”

Why MRO3i for IBM Maximo?

– IBM Maximo is the industry standard for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).

– Net Results Group is an IBM Maximo Business Partner, offering certified reseller and embedded solution provider services.

– MRO3i’s track record in creating value for asset-intensive industries through extended asset life and reduced operating costs complements IBM Maximo’s capabilities.

– The integration of MRO3i with IBM Maximo facilitates real-time data exchange, providing seamless connectivity and enabling efficient supplier collaboration.

Key Features of MRO3i for IBM Maximo:

– Seamless integration via API Web call Interface, operating 24/7.

– Real-time data exchange facilitated by the Maximo integration framework.

– Scalable architecture designed to handle thousands of active users.

– Offerings include SaaS solutions, data governance tools, inventory, consulting, and master data services.

Net Results Group’s MRO3i for IBM Maximo release marks a significant advancement in MRO inventory management, providing asset-intensive industries with the tools they need to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and drive sustainable growth.

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Marketing Contact:

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Director of Marketing

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