Net Results Group Celebrates Twenty-Fifth Anniversary

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Leader in master data management and governance helps hundreds of asset-intensive organizations achieve MRO excellence.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – April 22, 2021 – Net Results Group (NRG), a leader specializing in MRO master data management and governance, announced today its 25-year anniversary serving the mission-critical needs of process and discrete manufacturers on a global basis. Throughout its quarter-century of operation, NRG and its personnel have focused their efforts on meeting the needs of NRG clients to bring them demonstrable, significant positive impact, from reducing operational costs to increasing uptime and improving service levels.

“This milestone is a testament to NRG’s vision and the importance and need for the company’s MRO3i technology suite in the marketplace,” commented Louise Sherman, Business Process Executive, NRG. “Our continued technology innovation and business success in anticipating the needs of our customers has made our client interactions lasting ones.”

To achieve these goals for its clients, NRG works with clients to help them understand that insight into their MRO data will unlock the information they need to reduce downtime, minimize compliance issues, optimize their inventory and streamline other operations key to achieving maximum profitability.

NRG and its teams are dedicated to ensuring organizations:

  • Eliminate unnecessary procurement and capital expenditures
  • Improve asset performance and productivity
  • Streamline MRO inventory holdings
  • Maximize financial recovery of dispositioned MRO inventory
  • Support regulatory accounting compliance

“Exhibiting leadership, demonstrating breakthrough technology and pioneering solutions that empower MRO excellence has played a major role in NRG reaching this watershed moment,” said CEO and Managing Partner Lance Gilbert. “Every client and prospect interaction, every discussion with our partners, every product we roll out, and every activity our NRG employees perform on a daily basis is treated today in the same fashion it was in 1996 — with pride and dedication.”

About Net Results Group

Net Results Group, LLC is a technology-focused consulting firm with a comprehensive offering for significantly improving MRO master data. Headquartered in Louisville, KY, the firm was founded in 1996 with the goal of being THE MRO master data governance expert. The firm’s unique combination of asset expertise, reliability services and tools – including its cloud-based MRO3i™ technology suite – enables it to help asset-intensive organizations make intelligent use of their data. Professional services, including onsite and virtual walkdowns and assessments, also inform storeroom optimization and MRO inventory control to sharpen purchasing strategies, reduce operational costs, increase uptime and improve service levels. For more information, visit

April 22, 2021