Employing an MRO Strategy That Brings Immediate Benefits

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Major critical benefits of MRO optimization include reducing unscheduled downtime, managing inventory more efficiently, reducing unnecessary parts spending and consumption, and increasing technician wrench time. Many Plant Managers seek this look for immediate solutions to achieve these benefits as a critical path toward maximizing uptime in their plants.

Forward thinking executives are analyzing every department of their corporation looking for time and cost improvements but often overlook an effective MRO Inventory strategy which impacts a company’s performance often more than finished goods inventory. Net Results Group has more than 25 years’ experience in this space and is continuously pushing and exceeding the standards for empowering MRO excellence.

Your company will gain a competitive edge when your perceived cost center evolves into an MRO management strategy and with operations spending their critical time on preventative maintenance that will significantly decrease asset downtime. Employing an “MRO LifecycleTM” strategy will also lead to proactive supply chain decisions and reduce stockouts and production delays.

Benefits of an MRO Program

  1. Reduce unscheduled downtime
  2. Manage inventory more efficiently
  3. Reduce parts spending and consumption
  4. Increase technician productivity and wrench time
  5. Make proactive supply chain decisions
  6. Reduce stockouts and production delays

Net Results Group’s MRO 3iTM software seamlessly integrates with any existing ERP/EAM or CMMS host system. This allows you to ensure your data is standardized, promote the gathering of intelligence about your business, gain insight into better business operations, and make decisions with confidence. MRO3i includes modules such as a robust data dictionary, inventory and item master and equipment/asset that standardize and govern your MRO data on parts and assets and provides a robust method to create a bill of materials for equipment parts lists that also identify the “where used” of every MRO part. It also provides insights to inventories across the enterprise.

Ultimately when you integrate an MRO master data strategy into existing operations you are facilitating better company business decisions by eliminating the majority of backend costs and optimizing production uptime.

March 11, 2022