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As with any manufacturer, petrochemical and chemical companies are focused on maximizing uptime, mitigating their audit risk factors and getting better control over their procurement spend. They must ensure that they have the spares and parts needed for planned and unplanned maintenance.

Safety is also an obvious concern when manufacturing chemicals, adding a layer of detail required for parts integrity. Fire prevention is of utmost importance, and parts must be replaced as they accumulate grease and grime. Having the right clean, incombustible replacement parts readily on hand is key to keeping the work environment safe and free of electrostatic hazards.

Net Results Group’s solutions give chemical manufacturers accurate visibility into their MRO master data in order to prioritize safety.


The food and beverage industry faces unique challenges, not the least of which is intense regulation by the FDA and other agencies. Mechanized operations depend on equipment that is high-speed and fast-paced, with little tolerance for in-process breakdowns. Continually changing product mixes, packaging requirements and customer demands furthers complexity.

We understand the demanding nature of food and beverage operations and the pressure to operate on extremely tight margins. Food and beverage operations often reap very strong benefits from our improvements because of our ability to create better decisions from critical insights on MRO master data and produce rapid results.


Discrete product manufacturers can often benefit greatly from the value of basic operational improvements. They’re faced with the significant challenges of supply, shipping and warehouse logistics: accelerating customer demand for continual product updates with high quality and lower costs, and a barrage of messages advertising the “latest, greatest” methodology for reconfiguring their production lines to be leaner or more sustainable – yet they don’t implement basic asset reliability.

In manufacturing environments that produce high-value shelf-ready deliverables, it’s critical to have a methodology for assigning parts to equipment and an effective asset hierarchy.

To achieve low-cost operations, Net Results Group customizes improvements (and initial cost-benefit analyses) to get upper management buy-in, enhance quality, expedite completion and delivery, and reduce downtime and disruption.


“My company invested approximately $60 million in new equipment at three plants and needed to identify the required parts list for each of the equipment items to make sure they were added to our item master before the equipment went live. We had to establish critical spares identification for the parts and make smart decisions on what items to maintain in inventory. Net Results Group’s experts using their MRO3i technology created these parts list faster than we could have done. They also trimmed down the equipment manufacturer’s suggested list which was overkill. NRG also helped us avoid duplication by identifying items we already had in our item master. We saved money by not overbuying, and kept inventory values lower, with the right min/max levels for the applicable parts. NRG used its library of parts information to cross reference the manufacturer’s OEM items to a commercial equivalent spare, which lowered spend. NRG did a great job for us in many facets.”

SVP Manufacturing

Building Products Company
Samuel Zeller

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