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Accurate MRO Data Matters!

Accurate MRO Data Matters!

Accurate MRO Data Matters!

Improvements made in MRO data translate to immediate savings for your bottom line. These changes result in improved capacity, equipment availability, and leveraged buying power. Having the right part, right quantity, at the right time and right place is the shortest road to maximizing your  maintenance budget. 

C-level executives are looking at the data to optimize every area of their plants, including the costs of purchasing and maintaining spare parts. Many firms are dealing with increased operational costs and government regulations due to unplanned outages, spot buys, missing or incomplete BOM parts, and inflated storeroom inventory. With Net Results Group’s cloud based software MRO3i data management solution, your plants will always benefit from optimal MRO inventory and operational productivity. 

Our item master ensures that your data is safe and clean while increasing your company’s yield. When you enhance the accuracy and completeness of your data, new cost saving opportunities present themselves. MRO data sourcing discoveries translate directly to savings of at least 15% in inventory reductions and individual SKU part prices; this translates directly to better leverage in the market and improved RFQ effectiveness. 

When data is enriched it ensures that your organization is visible. On average technicians spend 25% of their work day searching for the spare parts they require. MRO data helps technicians significantly decrease this time by keeping the supplier information and market availability current. Increasing work-order completion time by 50% or more because technicians have the parts that they need for the job. 

In many cases MRO data is overlooked even though it is crucial to improving business efficiency. It ensures that your plant’s assets and facilities are well maintained, safe to use, and operating at maximum efficiency. When it comes to streamlining your business and staying ahead of any equipment failures it’s crucial to make sure that your plant is taking the shortest road to increasing your available budget, accurate MRO data. 

JANUARY 6, 2022

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