Net Results Group provides professional services and proprietary technology solutions to help organizations adopt better data governance and significantly improve their MRO lifecycle management. Our unique combination of expertise, services and technology tools – including our cloud-based MRO3i™ technology suite – enables us to help asset-intensive organizations make intelligent use of their data to sharpen purchasing strategies, reduce unnecessary operational costs, increase uptime and improve service levels.


Bad data leads to bad decisions. If MRO items are described inconsistently, inadequately or incorrectly, you can experience maintenance delays, production downtime, expedited shipments, duplicate item creations, excess stock and unauthorized purchases. This problem is common to all industries. The solution is to clean, standardize and enrich existing data. Leading practices indicate that once data standardization is achieved, a structured catalog process must be implemented and adhered to in order to create sustainability and data governance within an organization.

Net Results Group can standardize all your MRO materials/parts data and provide missing data specifications or attributes that are key to describing the material/part using our MRO Material Master Database of Content. This is done through a systematized process using the MRO3i tool and database, along with customizing how you want to standardize to your specifications. The MRO3i™ application’s Item Profiler quickly identifies all materials/parts with certainty and populates any missing descriptive attributes critical to ensure enriched data. Net Results Group is totally agnostic on which host system you use and have worked with all the major ERP systems, including JD Edwards, SAP, Oracle, Maximo, PeopleSoft and others.


Net Results Group doesn’t just create a plan and provide the professional services, we want to make sure that the quality of your data remains sustainable over time. The last thing we would want to do is to have to return and cleanse and enrich your data again.

Upon completion of each Data Services Project, the following Data Governance Options are reviewed, evaluated and then executed based upon each customer’s desire and specifications

  1. Customer Utilization of MRO3i™ SaaS application with interface connection to current or future host system; MRO3i™ provides functions and ease of use not available in baseline ERP/EAM/CMMS host systems.
  2. Outsourcing of On-Going Data Governance to Net Results Group. We can provide Remote Resources to manage this process by secure connection with customers’ host system or with utilization of MRO3i as connected to customers’ host system. Many companies favor this Outsourcing approach as this reduces overall labor and overhead costs on an annual basis.
  3. Customer utilization of current or future ERP/EAM/CMMS system(s). Net Results Group will make recommendations for best practices, workflow and overall process given certain functions available and limitations with various host systems.

Mitigating Critical Key Risk Factors: Quality MRO Master Data Yields Big Returns

Corporations around the globe regularly report key operational risk factors in their annual reports and corporate filings. Recognized for their potential to significantly impact business operations and financial success, these risk factors generally involve reporting on three conditions:

• Dynamics affecting consistent and reliable production;
• Production delays stemming from inaccurate and inadequate data;
• ERP and EAM system complexities and data issues directly impacting production and operations.

This corporate reporting merely describes the problem. It doesn’t fix it. And although corporations continue to make heavy investments in ERP and EAM


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What people who have worked with us have to say

“We acquired several paper mills and box plants that had to be integrated into the corporate system. Integrating these operations into our enterprise required us to convert the acquired item master data from an antiquated enterprise system to our SAP enterprise system. We also wanted to avoid creating duplicate data between the two item masters. NRG’s team came onsite with their MRO3i tool to accelerate this process for us and meet the “go live” deadline for the new mills. During this process, we realized we had an outdated taxonomy of noun modifier templates to help standardize the data. Net Results Group their library of over 5,000 new templates to ensure we met ISO standards required by our corporation to give us a competitive advantage and lowering the cost per part for our inventory.”