MRO Strategy

Spare parts cost companies millions of dollars each year. In truth, this multimillion-dollar section of the balance sheet is often overlooked. Companies may avoid strategies to improve their MRO spare parts materials because they may not be as “sexy” as strategies for finished goods. Because of this, companies are severely overinvested in spare parts. Failure […]

NRG’s SMRP 2020 Break-Out Session: Data Mining and Visualization to Promote MRO Excellence

If your organization is concerned about maximizing productivity and profitability during the current economic climate, take a few moments to review NRG’s recent SMRP talk – one of the most well-received break-out sessions at the 2020 annual meeting – where our Managing Partner Lance Gilbert co-presented with one of our clients, Clarios, about the real-world […]

Net Results Group to Present at October’s SMRP Annual Conference   Managing Partner of Net Results Group (NRG), Lance Gilbert, will be presenting together with one of NRG’s client representatives from Clarios (a former unit of Johnson Controls) on the topic of Data Mining and Visualization to promote MRO excellence. This presentation and discussion will […]